Sunday, October 24, 2010

This blog should be called My Momentary Lapses of Time........

The last couple of weeks of been what can you call it.......a mess.  The kind that makes you think you are literally going crazy.  It all started out with a major high when my banner from the previous post got featured at Handmadeology and Tatertots and Jello.  I was literally floating on air.  I also got some new kids to watch which was great because our daycare has been so quiet lately.  It was all starting to look up.  But then two days later the kids were gone.  And I was crying and have yet to get paid.  Everything just came to a apex.  Kiah is still having trouble in school, Granny is becoming more confused, no time to do any things I need and want to do, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  I really thought I was going crazy, I even cut my own hair and totally messed it up.  I am feeling some better.  But I am still a bit nervous because Kiah needs to see a behavioral specialist to get an IEP.  His school won't give him one unless his is two years behind.  Isn't that a little too long to wait when kids need help. I had a meeting with the teacher and principal and I think I made some headway.  Even though they still insisted I give him some kind of medication and didn't even seem to care when I told them his doctor says he doesn't need it.

Thank God for grandparents because Chris and I were finally able to get out of the house for more than a couple hours.  We took some business classes over the last weekend together.  It was an experience and informative but it is hard for me to just sit down and not think about everything else that is going on. 

In my crafty life I finished my ornaments for a swap I am participating in ~

I also made this Halloween door sign for our party.  It is the 23rd annual and once you come you always come back ~

I finished this up a couple weeks ago but never posted it.  This is my green ephemera collage ~

I also have another freebie to share.  Here are some vintage assorted poison labels for you crafts and decorating.  Just save image as and print out on cardstock.

Hope you all are enjoying the season.  Talk to ya later~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween is huge in my house, we really get into the "spirits" of things. ~Dee Snider

But I am in the same situation as last year too busy or lazy to go to storage and get the decorations.  So I made a quick banner and want to share it with you.  If you are interested you can print out these and make a banner of your own.  I made mine with some miscellaneous background papers I had made and Dollar Store twine.  Now that it is done though, I want to make another out of just the book pages.  I think I would like that look better.  The skull image came from The Vintage Moth, the banner outline from Dover, and I am not quite sure where the scarab beetle came from but I sure do like him.

You just need to click to enlarge then right click and save image as.  Print, cut, and glue.  Hope you like it!

To see last year's lazy decorations see this post ~

Join  us Saturdays at for the weekend wrap   up           party!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp Mission Statement

Dang, that's a mouthful.

My mission for this holiday season is to not let it pass me by.  I need to stick to my schedules and not procrastinate.  It is already October 4, only 83 more days till Christmas.  I always have big plans and ideas but never bring them to fruition.  This year I vow to do things differently so it will prove to be better than I ever expected.