Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Saturday Drive

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Go for a drive to Gilroy and look around, maybe make it to San Juan Batista to go see the mission.  Who would we take Kiah, Granny, or (gasp!) Kiah and Granny.  Kiah whined and complained, "But mom I don't want to go!  Why do you always make me go to different cities!"  Okay.  I guess he wouldn't like it anyways.  The last time we went antique shopping he kept bugging me for vintage comics, so much so I couldn't even hear myself think and Grandma would enjoy it, she used to help out at an antique store back in the day.

As we started on our way I remembered that my favorite thrift store was having a $1.00 sale.  I convinced Chris to stop for a quick second. I found some really cute embroidered linens.  A tatted table runner that was $15 marked down to $1.  The find that I got really excited about was a Dennison Centennial Rose napkin set that has never been opened.  It would be perfect for someone who is throwing a vintage themed party.  Or a party for someone who was born or married in 1964.  It seemed to be the start of a perfect day.

The drive to Gilroy was gorgeous, everything was so green.  I wanted to pull over somewhere so I could take some pics, but no such luck.We waited and waited while Chris got some arrows for his bow.  That took forever it seemed.  Finally we able to take a stroll and find some antique shops.  I love looking at the old masonry buildings in the downtown area.  They have so much character.  Unfortunately a lot of the buildings here are falling apart and some even have "Enter at your own risk!" posted. 

We walked into the first store and the trouble began.  First Granny nearly sat down in a 200 year old chair, the seat was barely threads.  Thankfully I caught her in time.  I spot this really cool painting which I notice has a Whistler signature.  I'm thinking to myself, Dang! I think I heard that name on Antiques Roadshow. Then hear glass being jumbled around........Grandma!  No!  She's picking up and messing around with everything.  Where the heck is Chris, I mean, come-on, I watched Grandma while you were getting your arrows, now it's my turn.  But no, he is no where to be found.  By this time I think she wanted to punish me for telling her what to do.  So she started farting.  Not just one or two, it was over and over again.  "Grandma do you need to go to the bathroom?"  "No"  "Are you sure?"  "Yes, I will tell you when I need to go."  I find this pile of really cool illustrations and get all excited because they are on sale.  " I need to go to the bathroom" ; "Okay, let's go."  We make our way to the front of the store and I start to ask the clerk if she has a bathroom.  Then Grandma chimes in, "I don't have to go anymore"  What the heck!  I start my way to the back of the store again and Chris starts to hurry me.  "I am hungry, let's go!'  You have got to be kidding me.  I mean, come on, when is it going to my turn to have some fun and be able to look around?  I guess I am shit out of luck.  I mention to Chris that I like the painting in the front of the store, the lady at the front who must have had super sonic hearing ( I wonder how many of Grandma's farts she heard ) says, " Oh you mean the one painting with the lady in the wooden frame?"  "Yes." "I'll let you have it for 50% off."  "Okay!"  When I got to the counter she already had it wrapped and everything.  Which kinda bugged because I wanted to have a closer look at it, but oh well it was only $7.50 and I didn't have to pay sales tax because I paid cash.  When I got out of the store I opened it up and it was a print covered in a bunch of shellac to look like paint strokes.  If I wanted to return it I probably could have, but she didn't give me a receipt. I am sure she just wanted of get rid of the eyesore, and I was distracted enough to want to purchase it. 

Chris, trying to lift my spirits, stopped by another antique store, but as soon as we walked in Grandma started her farting again, so I just gave up on the whole idea.  We ate dinner as I sulked and then we made our way home.  I just love family outings.

Friday, March 19, 2010


The last couple weeks has been an whirlwind. On Monday the 8th we had an appointment with Kiah's doctor. It was to discuss Kiah's difficulty focusing. The doctor showed me this chart with all these numbers and lines all over the place. I couldn't have been anymore confused. I could not understand it at all. From what the doctor says there is a high probability that he could have
ADD, but a low probability for psychological disorders......Okay. If anything he would have a very mild case of ADD. The Rx for that is less video games, discipline, and scheduling. Easy for them to say.

I took it really hard. What I heard was it's all up to me. If I thought it was going to get better; no, it's going to get harder. I don't know what I expected... some powerful magic disciplinarian words that would, all of a sudden, make him a good boy? Or some sort of miracle drug that would make him a perfect student with a zpd of 5.5-6.5. I ended the appointment by saying how happy I was that Kiah had not gotten sick in over a year. Wish I had wood to knock on cause a couple hours later he had a fever.

The next morning I broke down and practically started crying when I had to call in his absence. Kiah is very prone to fevers, he even gets them when he has allergies. His temperature was 99.3 but if your temperature is above 99.1 you can't come to school. Just thinking off spending an extra 6 hours with him almost sent me over the edge. I know that sounds mean and awful but sometimes I have to use everything in me to literally not run away.

Because he was sick on the 9th he missed his second grade performance "Peter Rabbit". I was upset about this too, which added to my near emotional breakdown. We were planning to leave almost an hour early so we could get good seats because last year were in the nosebleeds and could hardly make him out in the sea of 1st graders.

He ended up going to school Wednesday, staying home Thursday, and going to school Friday.

We have been trying to adhere to the doctor's orders of 1 hour of game and t.v. time. Surprisingly I think it has been helping. Kiah has been very well behaved and we have been able to spend time together having fun. Which is a lot better than screaming and hollering at each other.

Last Saturday we had Linsey's 26th birthday. I planned out a Woodland Tea Party theme. I started planning it a couple months ago. I would make all these decorations from recycled materials and take such good pictures of it someone would want to feature it their magazine. I know....high hopes. It all caught up with me too fast. I did manage to go to the Dollar Store and get a bunch of fake flowers, butterflies, and streamers. I also made some really awesome flowered headbands for all the girls. They turned out so cute and were super easy to make. At the Dollar Store the headbands were 4 for a dollar and I already had a ton of fake flowers. I just arranged different flowers petals together and held them together with a brad. Then glued them to the headband with E-600. I also bought a bunch of stuff at the last minute from Bake It Pretty. I could look at their site forever, they have have the cutest things. Party success good food, good company, good time. I wish I would have managed to snap a pick of my cool Dollar Store decorating. Talk about cheap and it did kinda look like a woodland wonderland.

On another note I couldn't be more shocked more than a 1,000 views on my Flicker. I feel like all these years of taking pictures and wasting money on cameras, and all that comes with it, has finally paid off. It really makes you feel good when you can wake up in the morning and see peoples comments and awards. It truly is amazing and for that, Kiah behaving, and being able to celebrate another one of my sister's birthdays, I am truly grateful.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't not believe it! I feel so liked my flickr page has gotten over 500 views. That's more than 300 in just a month. I can thank Susan Tuttle for helping me find my mojo. Her workshops are amazing. She makes it so easy. I recommend her workshops to anyone who loves photography. Thanks Susan!!