Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I do not know why it was so hard to get pictures of my journal and bag.  I could not get them to look right.  But here they are the journal and bag I made for the artistic mothers group.

I decorated the journal using scrap pieces of paper, fabric, my background papers from week 1, and paper torn from a Boho magazine.  The fortune underneath the picture says "Every job is a self portrait of the person who did it.  Autograph your work with excellence."  I thought it was fitting for an art journal even though I am trying not to be a anal perfectionist all the time and just have fun in the process.

The inside cover-

The inside back cover which has a expandable pocket.  Total Bonus!!

I forgot to get a pic of the back cover which I accidentally put on upside down.  Oh yeah, I also incorporated my collection of chinese fortunes by gluing them down on random pages.

The bag turned out especially cute, but was harder to do than I thought.  Next time I will not use the interfacing for the handles, because now it makes this annoying crinkly sound when you hold it.  I used scrap fabric, discounted decorator fabric samples, and vintage sari fabric to make it.  It makes a perfect little camera bag. 

One of my fav flickr contacts- Saibh tagged me for the 10 things challenge.  I thought it would be fun to share it here.  It was hard to think of ten things but once I did, I started thinking of a bunch of different things so every month I am going  to do a new installment of 10 things about me.


1. I am 28 and still don't drive. I attribute that to the recurrent dream I had as a child that I was out of control in a car. Getting hit by a car when I was 13. And driving into our house when I was 16 and pushing our house back by an inch. This year will be the year though, I swear.

2. I am supposedly related to Jean Lafitte the pirate. But that might have been one of my dad's drunken tall tales.

3. My man and I have been together for 12 years and have yet to get married. He has issues. I think I am going to surprise him with a New Years Wedding.

4. I have always had a camera with me since I got my first one when I was 10. And I still don't know how to shoot in manual.

5. I carry around way too much stuff in my bra. Any given morning I can wake up and find toys, money, receipts stuffed down in there. Yes, I sleep with a bra on, I was traumatized when I saw how low my grandmother's go and she used to pride herself on not wearing a bra.

6. My son's name is Kiah. It is Hopi for "Wise One". But everyone wants to call him Kia, like the car or they automatically think he is a girl. With all the different names out there nowadays, I don't think it is that difficult. Kiah with an ending like Jeremiah.

7. I love anything vintage. Which has turned me into a borderline hoarder.

8. I only have 2 best friends. One lives in Oregon and we talk to each other everyday over coffee, the other lives in the area and we see each other a couple times a week.

9. I hate scary movies and roller coasters. If I watch a scary movie I literally cannot sleep all night. I have terrible anxiety to begin with, so I can't handle anything that adds to it.

10. I was almost a certified herbologist, but dropped out and didn't finish. Went to college for child development and have worked for a daycare for 10+ years. But really just want to have my own business (Yeah, don't we all).

If you want to join in. Please do so,  post yours on your blog and a leave a comment here so I can check them out.  It is fun to read little tidbits about people.  Hope everyone has a good week!


saibh said...

taah daah!! i gots her working!

Trudy Callan said...

I love your bag.

Kristi said...

Your bag and journal are GREAT! Loved reading a bit about you. I might have to do something like that on my blog. It just helps make more of a connection. Thanks for sharing. i will enjoy following you!

Jen said...

Your journal and bag turned out wonderful. I love your sharing 10 things about you. I have to agree with Kristi that it helps with connecting. I may need to do something like that on my blog to connect with myself as well as others =)