Friday, May 14, 2010

She wanted to leave this world behind....

Not me, (well maybe), but that is the title to this picture.  I think it is so weird how my artistic flow comes in waves.  I can be totally rockin' it for a week or so, then for the next week I have to really work at it.  I could have erased a little better on this but for the most part, I like it.  I want to submit something to Stampington & Co. tomorrow; have been working on a picture for the Echo group, and have been tossing around ideas for my vision statement banner for the Artistic Mothers group.    

We went to Barnes and Noble the other day and I saw so many books I want.  I took pictures of them in case Chris wants to get me one for my birthday, he can't say he didn't know what they looked like.  ~I thought that was so smart.  

Have you seen any of these books?

From what I saw when I thumbed through, I want them all, especially Delight in the Details By Lisa Pace.  They also have a huge book of botanical illustrations in the bargin books for $24.00.  I want to buy so when we have our own place I can wallpaper a wall with it.  I saw it a Country Living magazine and want to do it in my future craft room.  

I am going to be doing a giveaway this weekend and am really excited about it.  It is a mixed media artist's dream.  I will ship world wide depending on where the winner lives.  Since I don't have that many  followers, the chances of winning will be high.

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