Monday, April 26, 2010

A Dim Flying Dust


A dim flying dust
The inhabitant
Of a place called solitude
In the black
Where it is
But invisible
And I confess
To an amorous error
And the moment I do......
It is flown away.....
O Lord!  Help me please.....!!!

Romeo Della Valle

This is the photo I am using for the Dim challenge.  It was really hard to get this pic because the trees were shaking in the wind, the low lighting, and being interrupted by my husband shouting, "Look at my fish, take a picture of my fish!" with the enthusiasm of a 8 year old.  I liked trying to get this dimly lit shot because pics like this usually don't turn out for me.  I never remember to take a tripod along and I always get shaky when I am trying to stand still.

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Eden Clare O'Meara said...

gosh, i love your pretty pics...and your comments made me laugh...echo is a fun group...hope my photos make it in...blessings Eden

Jen said...

Beautiful photo and words. I have to agree that your hubby comments made me laugh, too. I hope you got a shot of his fish ;)

Jen said...

Wow what a great photo! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I third the funny husband! Did you get a shot of his fish! Oh say that you did!