Sunday, April 18, 2010

I found this picture while cleaning out my closet today.  It was probably taken in San Diego.  A couple of times when I was a child my dad took me down there to visit my grandma and grandpa.  I don't have a lot of childhood memories.  But I do remember some crazy times in San Diego......

1.)  Being chased down by a flock of geese.
2.)  Losing my favorite necklace in the sand... you know those ones from the 80's where you can link them together by pushing then into each other... it was a major tragedy back then.
3.)  Riding in the back of a taxi cab, when there wasn't any seatbelts.  The driver was driving so crazy and I kept flying everywhere as my dad was yelling profanities at the driver.
4.)  My grandma and grandpa lived on a boat and for some reason didn't have a toilet, so we had to use a bucket.  Another tragic event, I was so scared I was going to fall in.
5.)  Waking up alone on the boat while my dad and grandma went grocery shopping.  But we didn't want to wake you.   Yeah right
6.)  Picking up a bird because I didn't know it was dead.  My dad scared the hell out of me by smacking it out of my hand, spanking me, and yelling  "You're going to get diseases!" over and over again.  
7.)  Driving my grandma and grandpa's old toyota truck home to San Jose in the pouring rain with no wind shield wipers.  He was totally freaking out saying, "We're not going to make it" and I just kept saying, "it's going to be okay daddy."  and it was. 

That ride home made a major impact on my father's life.  After my parent's got a divorce when I was six, we saw each other on and off.  When I got pregnant at 19 he stopped talking to me and we would only see each other maybe once a year.  He would always tell me the story of us driving home in the rain.  My father passed away three years ago.  We had finally started talking only a couple of months before he passed.  While he was in the hospital I stayed there everyday telling him the same thing I told him on that ride home,  "it's going to be okay daddy".  Until it wasn't okay anymore.  I cherish every single memory I have with my father, as crazy as they are because they are all I have now.


Jen said...

Thank you for your kind and supportive words on my blog. I love all the crazy memories you shared and the sentiment behind it =)

Carin said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I lost my dad a good few years ago now and fully understand what you mean. Oh, my grandad kept geese- I got chased every darn time I visted!

Imene said...

Amazing how a simple picture revives memories of our childhood. I have a similar pictures and my feet are full of band-aids. Even though it's black and white I can remember the colors of my swim suit

Heather said...

Rebecca, I love this post, it is raw, real and beautiful. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I don't have a lot of childhood memories either when it comes to family... do you think that's normal?

I am so glad you are loving creating the papers for the AM group... you do gorgeous work.

ps. thanks for checking out my journal and your nice comments.