Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My mojo is still on a pretty good run, hence me not really posting last week.  On Thursday I meet up with some friends Jen and Sylvia from Kelly Rae Robert's workshop at A Work of Heart.  We took Andrea's Juicy Houses class. 

These are the little houses we made.  We had the option of these 4x4 or a 12x48 canvas.  It was was fun and very inspiring to work along side these crafty ladies.  Thanks Jen and Sylvia for inviting me.  If you are in the area and want to check out any of Andrea's classes you can see them here.  Next time I want to take one of her soldering classes.

On Friday we went to a friend's birthday party and went hiking -well walking at the Alviso Slough.  Where I got the hawk picture in the previous post.  While I was there taking pictures of the hawk a man walked up to me  looked at my camera, smiled, then looked down at his much better camera and started taking pics.  He sealed the deal for me.  I am saving up for a DSLR.  I know it's not the camera but photographer but it's time to take my pics to the next level.

We went to an Oakland A's game and my son got an autograph and picture with Jerry Blevins.   My aunt took the pic so I haven't seen it yet.  Kiah was so happy but a little bummed he couldn't get Coco Crisp's autograph.  They won and my uncle and Chris were on the jumbotron.  So it made for an exciting day.

I have been readily working on my magazine submission and I think I might have it this time.  So wish me luck!

Beside that I haven't gotten to much else on my to do list and I still feel exhausted.  The kids start back to school on Monday so I am banking on that time.  Hope you all have a good rest of the week.


Mandy said...

these are very cute...look a ittle like something i made...thanks for

Jen said...

I love your little houses! I bought myself some 4" square canvases to play with. Best of luck with your magazine submission. Some day I need to save up for a new camera, too =)

Jingle said...

Oh, those houses are fabulous!!! I love them!

Kristin said...

These are wonderful!! I love the blue background and the way you have included a recipe / instructions as the base of your home. What an inspiring piece, Kristin xo

Dawn said...

These little houses are wonderful! I want to try!!!
Thanks for sharing your work:)
happy day to you,

violette said...

wow.....these houses are adorable!aren't those tiny canvases the sweetest?

love, violette