Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to use left over beauty care items for scrapbooking~

So I have been meaning to post this tutorial all week, but with my sister in the hospital I never got to it.  Finally I found time today  to take pics and such for it when my friend called and said she was in the hospital all morning.  Um.... okay all you guys I care about, just chill out with your weird afflictions. 

If ever on some off chance you broke your eyeshadow and were down to the dregs of your nail polish.  Don't throw it away make a couple cards with it and call your self eco.  Using eyeshadow can be a cheap alternative to pigment powders.  You will also need a VersaMark pad need to make this technique work, it will act as the binder.

 Take your broken eyeshadow and break it up in to separate containers.

Stamp your paper with a stamp inked with VersaMark.  Then brush the eyeshadow over the VersaMark ink with a soft brush.  This is a close up of it.  It creates a soft sparkle. 

You can also add a border with that nail polish you have.  You know the one it's so far gone that it leaves clumps on your nails but you still keep it around.  Put it to good use before throwing that sucker away.  It won't matter about the acidity because you are using it for cards and they're temporary, so just go with it.  You will want to be sure to spray with a clear sealer to set it all.

There you have it, a makeover for your paper.  Enjoy!!

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