Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There goes the 3 day weekend.

I love those long weekends. On Friday Chris and I went to visit some friends at the last minute in Santa Cruz.  We walked down to the boardwalk and made it in time to hear The Tubes playing the second to the last song.  We missed most of the show but it was still cool to do grown-up stuff for a couple hours.  Saturday I had my garage sale and actually did better here than at the Rummage/Boutique sale.  I made $60.00 that's enough to re-comp one of my son's X-Box games and got rid of a little chunk of junk.  The rest of the weekend I did pretty much nothing ~ just the way I like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca

Love this image, in fact love the whole blog so much I'm following you!
Thank you very much for your comment on Flickr. I only managed to take part in three of the challenges but really enjoyed it.


elaine said...

this image is awesome!!!