Saturday, September 25, 2010

Opinions and feelings......

A lot of art marketing workshops and books I have read; stressed the importance of not mixing business with personal life on your blog.  But my life and art are so tightly entwined I can't help it.  It's just the way it is.  I don't know why I wanted to make a note of that here.  Maybe it's because my balance has been off lately.  Where there is no time for business and no time for family.  There seems to be a missing part of the equation and I think procrastination and defeat have to do with it.  There are so many things on my to do list I get inundated just looking at it.  I have been getting some things done, but they are just menial little things.  Not the big life dreams I have been carrying around for so long.  Scheduling has always been difficult for me.  I feel so defeated when things get in the way of it.  So now I have a why bother mentality.

How do you balance your personal life with business to make it all happen?  Any secrets you would be willing to share?  How do you feel about having a blog for business and family?  Should people keep separate blogs?

Hope you all have a magnificent weekend!!!


sonyamacdesigns said...

Did U like school ... please don't forget that baby steps will add up to the BIG picture ... your work is O so wonderful.

Emakesart said...

Hi, I just popped over from Flickr. Yes, baby steps do help. Even if it seems like you aren't getting much done, in time they'll help you get way closer to your big dreams then if you don't do anything, or give up (can you remind me of this when I forget ; )

I don't think you need to keep separate blogs. All the blogs I love mix business with personal, and they are successful artists. Pam Garrison, Kelly Rae, etc.. People like getting to know the person behind the art. You can appreciate the art that much more if you like and relate to the artist. Just my opinion : )


Jen said...

Hello. I've missed you. I've been overwhelmed by my lists and schedule so I haven't visited the blogs I enjoy. I used to have two blogs and it just doesn't work. It's hard to keep up with one. And I, too, enjoy getting to know people through their blogs so that sometimes means getting personal. I wish I had suggestions for you, but I am working out the same issues. Life is always getting in the way of living life, right?

Emakesart said...

I'm back! I meant to follow you last time I was here, but I was busy writing you novels as comments ; I'm following you too now because I love your work!


Monica said...

i didn't know the books said that. i prefer the personal, i dislike art selling only blogs. i want to know the artist.

i have yet to take the business plunge, so no advice from me.