Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am sorry.......

It has been very hard for me to get back in the swing of back to school things.  Kiah has been having trouble staying focused.  This caused a lot of problems last year.  I thought we had it pretty much controlled by the end of the school year.  The doctor said if he did have ADD it was a slight case and he didn't need medication.  The school said he didn't qualify for any support because his IQ was too high.  Well here we are this year and the teacher is already hinting at putting him on medication.  Not those exact words but I am not dumb.  He is always trying to get me to let him stay home, saying he hates school.  He has a lot of friends and does well on his work.  We just got some of the standardized testing scores home and he is basically in-between basic and advanced.   In math he is so close to being advanced; so what the heck!  We have started him on a vitamin regime and I am in close contact with his teacher.

Besides that things are picking up at work.  Which is good I was really starting to worry.

Here are a couple of crafting things I have done to stay sane along the way. 

A soldering class with my friend Raquel.  It was a fun technique to learn but will take a little more practice and a new higher powered soldering gun.  Oh my God when I typed that I heard the Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunting sound.   Yeah baby more power.

My Orange mixed media canvas

And some cards I made for a challenge at Stampington & Co.

I wasn't sure about the top picture at first but now I really like it.  She is the Goddess of Our Burning Desires.  The butterfly and image of the woman came from The Graphics Fairy.

These photos are from my camera phone that's why they look so washed out.

Hope all is well in your land


Jingle said...

Everything here is just so wonderful! Your work is really inspiring!

suzanna leigh said...

I specially love the first one, The goddess of our burning desires. Only she looks like you as caretaker for your granny and mother to your active son.

It could be your son is bored. Are there any classes for smart kids in your are? My youngest at about 8 or 9 was put in a Quest class. I think that saved him. Also he developed ways to burn off the extra energy without disrupting the class. Once I substitute taught in his class. In the middle of work time, he stood up and shook all over, then sat down and finished his work. I asked his classmates if he did that often. They said yes. It was no bit deal.