Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today was one of those days Kiah came home with his first pink slip. He claims he got it because he was protecting a friend (i.e. throwing rocks). And Granny decided to give herself a haircut. Just chopped off a chunk from the front. It does't look so bad now but when it starts to grow in.

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Kelly said...

Hi Becky, Nice block. Really cute picture to go with your "pink slip" entry, smiles. And you write well.

Another thing is the blog is well set up and creative, remind me to talk to you about something in re: of this talent you have and selling online.

You are a wonderful person and stronger and smarter than you know, you also have the creative muse in you, too. I am proud and your Daddy was and is. Smiles.

Love, kelly

get in touch when you know what yours, Chris's, Linseys's, Kiah's & Marci's if you want to bring her is and we can make a plan.