Saturday, July 31, 2010

The last few days have been exhausting~

My sister was having a hard time over-coming an infection and had to be hospitalized.  So I helped watch over my mom's house.  It was like grand central station with all the dang phone calls.  I am so glad we decided to take her in though.  She got so much better better in the 4 days she was there and came home last night.

In the last few days I have come to terms with my emotional eating.  I am totally fine with it because everybody loves cookies and pie.  I can make people feel great under the guise of me licking the beaters.  It's really a win-win situation.  I made cookies from a mix that came from The Dollar Store.  My son and the daycare kids said they were the best cookies ever and they kept telling me all day about how I made the best cookies.  I felt like I had cheated and got all these kudos over something I added two ingredients too.

So I decided to make more cookies.  This time "healthy" 5 grain granola whole wheat flour chocolate chip cookies.  Well I swear kids can smell whole wheat from a mile away.  Kiah wouldn't even try them and even his diabetic grandfather said they tasted too healthy.  Granted they were a bit thick I liked them.

I then felt compelled to make a I am Still Stressed So I need More Chocolate But Also Some Vanilla Pie ~

sorry for the crumby camera phone pic - heehee get it crumby

It consisted of a bottom layer of Nutella, then melted chocolate chips, topped with french vanilla pudding and graham cracker crumbs.  I didn't like it much, way too sweet.  My brother liked it though so hey.

I took a class today with Marah Johnson.  I love her classes because I know I will get my moneys worth.  She teaches you how to get more out of your scrapbooking products and everyday products like paper towels.  Totally eco a girl after my own heart.  I know if I take one of her classes I will come home with my hands stained with all sorts of colors.  Just how I like them.  Plus she always has so many fun products to play with.  This is a scrapbook page I made from the left overs from a class of her's I took a couple of months ago.

I don't usually scrapbook pics of myself, but she signed my paper "Dare to Follow Your Dreams" I figured it would be appropriate.

Well I hope you all have a nice Sunday, I can't wait to sleep in for once.

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