Sunday, February 7, 2010

No vitamins for you......

I recently found out my family is too crazy to shop at Whole Foods. Last week I tried to make it there to get new vitamins. That idea was dashed when Kiah decided to throw a major fit inside of Game Crazy complete with a dramatic bloody nose (he gets those when he really works himself up). I couldn't mingle with the Los Gatos yuppies with Kiah all bloody. You would think that with all the bloody noses he has gotten he would remember to put his head back, not downward so it gushes all over his good clothes. But of course that would not have won him an Oscar.

I don't know what possessed me to try to go there again this weekend with Kiah and Granny. It all started out fine. We would eat first, then shop. It took us forever to get our order and we had to pay before we ate. So Chris goes off to get us a cart and I am walking backwards, my arms full of food trying to make sure Kiah and Granny were keeping up. At the same time I got to the checkout, Grandma got side tracked by the salad bar. I couldn't have lost sight of her for that long. But it was long enough for Chris to find her grabbing handfuls of kidney beans, sampling and making nummy noises. Yes, with lots of Los Gatos people looking on in disbelief. Chris comes up, "You can never take your eyes off of her!!" Me: "What are you talking about?" ...Okay, we won't be looking at vitamins this week either. We managed to sneak out of there without further embarrassment. When we scolded Granny all she could say was, "But I love those bally things!" Seriously, I am going to have to put her on one of those kiddie leashes next time.

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