Sunday, February 21, 2010

You're more than just what you do for others.....

I read somewhere that what stresses us out the most is that we don't take the time to do what we truly want to do. I am terribly guilty of that. Something in my human nature makes me always forget about me. I blame it mostly on pure exhaution. It is easier to just go along with what it is that makes everyone else happy, then to deal with their fits when you want to do the opposite. One of my resolutions for the new year was to make more time for me to do what I truly wanted. Time that I can use to rejuvenate my soul.

One thing that rejuvenates and inspires me is art. But most of the time I wish I could break free from thinking so much about how I should be doing something. I want to just get lost in the process of creating. Forget about it looking perfect.

Another thing that gets me going is learning new things. When I heard Marah Johnson from Creative Imaginations was teaching a class at Scrapbook Island, I knew it would be a perfect way for me to do my thing for a couple hours. I turned my phone off and got lost in my element. Marah is an excellent teacher. She was very easy to learn from and she made the class really fun. She taught really cool techniques for products like Glimmer Mist and Alcohol Inks. Plus tips on using up the supplies you already have. I took a pic with Marah but I hate how ir turned out. I look like a frumpy crazy lady. I tried to took make it look better by applying textures, but oh, well. Here goes to not trying to be perfect.

After taking this class and participating in Susan Tuttle's wokshop my ideas and mojo are definately flowing. And I am feeling rejuvenated enough to start this week in a good mood. I have a conference with Kiah's teacher tomorrow to see if he may need extra help such as rsp or tutoring.

Chris and I need to decide whether we want to pay the $500 deductibe to get out passenger/side door fixed. While we were at the library last Thrusday somebody smashed into our car and just left. The irony of it was Kiah wanted to go to the book store, but we told him we were going to the library because it would save us money. Kiah being his materialist self didn't like that idea but we held firm, no we were going to the library. Well maybe we should have listened to him, we would have saved $500 by going to the damn book store.

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